Mein profil angaben:

  • Alter:
  • 22
  • Cup-GroBe:
  • C
  • Gestalt:
  • M
  • Sex Vorliebe:
  • bisexual
  • Herkunft:
  • european
  • Haarfarbe:
  • blonde
  • Sternzeichen:
  • libra
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I'll try to be online as often as I can. But you'll be able to find me reeeeally late at night.

Ich liebe:

My favorite hobbies are dancing and gaming. I am also a big fantasy nerd! I'm a sucker for details and I love dirty talk. I enjoy the aesthetic side of sex and sensuality. And BDSM. Of course.

ich hasse es:

I don't enjoy being treated with any lack of respect or being forced to do anything I have explicitly said I would not do. Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you. Other than that, there isn't much anything that I don't like.


Hey! My name is Katrijn and I'm currently 22 years old. In my humble opinion, I am a very versatile person, always up to chat about anything and everything and trying out new things! Despite being rather exotic and alternative, which may seem scary to some, I am always trying to please everyone, making them feel comfortable and happy and, above all, satisfied.Come talk to your Katti, she is really nice, I swear!

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