Mein profil angaben:

  • Alter:
  • 28
  • Cup-GroBe:
  • B
  • Gestalt:
  • M
  • Sex Vorliebe:
  • bisexual
  • Herkunft:
  • european
  • Haarfarbe:
  • blonde
  • Sternzeichen:
  • sagittarius
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dont have some strickt rules with time

Ich liebe:


ich hasse es:

dont want to humiliate people


Love hard, sometimes too hard Real AF Wanderer Open-minded Perv Wild at times Free spirit Restless Stubborn Philosopher Good sense of humour, dirty mind and a good heart Also faithful, impatient, generous, optimistic, blunt and enthusiastic I wouldn't be so blunt if you were real in the first place My enthusiasm and energy make ppl happy Desired by everyone Sensitive as fuck and you probably wouldn't think so Brutally honest, if you can't take the heat, then stay the fuck away No time for sneaky, quiet and secretive people I can make anything shine Know to kill with kindness, very well Easily irritated Smell a fake miles away Don't try to boss around me, you won't get too far with that Don't ask me for opinion if you are not prepared for the answer I don't think about the consequences of actions/decisions, I do what I want when I want Think like an adult but runs around like a free child ...all I'm saying is never lie to me, everything else can be worked out

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