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Ich liebe:

Spring...You know when it is blossom outside and inside... When you want to go, run, succeed... I love simple things... Smile, warm conversation, appreciate good people (I think all people are good, just need to find it in them)

ich hasse es:

I do not like rude men who do not have a sense of humor, inability to relax, self-doubt, arrogance.


You Thought I was a rebel, but I suppressed the rebellion. Like a beaten beast, I fed from trembling hands. I drew boundaries: you are not my enemy, but you are not my friend either. Because such individuals will not allow themselves to be killed. Because such "victims" would rather kill you. You are to them - an abandoned beast, they are for you - a shelter. And they lead you into the blind. you Thought - weak, does not know how to play with fire. Noah knew how to swim, and melt, and burn out with a flame. you Thought - I am a rebel, and I will be able to break you. I thought the same, only you didn't have time to escape.


  • Alter:: 21
  • Sex Vorliebe:: straight
  • Residenz::
  • Cup-GroBe:: B
  • Gestalt:: M
  • Land:: UA
  • Herkunft:: european
  • Haarfarbe:: brunette
  • Sternzeichen:: aries
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